Your school days are said to be the best time of your life, whether you're aware of it at the time or not, it doesn't take long in 'the real world' before you look back and long to go back to the lunch breaks with all your pals on the playing field or to get that feeling just one more time of breaking up for the summer holidays!

Despite the long list of good times though, there's no avoiding the inevitable exam period at the end of term, and what better way to reward conscientious students who have revised hard and got through the 3 hour English literature paper than with a trip to K10 BAY for a day of beach antics!

Some 56 lucky pupils (and a couple of adventurous teachers) were treated to just this the other day. It's safe to say the day was a huge success, both with the pupils and teachers who all jumped at the chance to do something they hadn't experienced before and not involving a classroom or stationary!

So despite the surf being around the 'double over-ankle' size range, they all still managed to catch a few waves and get stood up with a little expert tuition and a lot of enthusiasm! Judging by the look on their faces and the feedback we got it's safe to say the vast majority of them will be donning the neoprene and indulging again in the future. With a few team-building exercises thrown in as well it was great to see them stepping outside of their comfort zone and helping each other to step up to the challenges thrown at them.

But the fun didn't stop there, after the surf lesson they were also treated to a stand-up paddle board lesson and guided tour of K10 BAY, which was also a huge success and we managed to sneak in some natural history and geology of the local area without them noticing they were learning! So after spotting some ancient dinosaur footprints in the boulder clay at the foot of the cliffs, and giving them a brief explanation of the geological background of the area, we rounded the day off with a quick visit to the seal colony. It was fascinating for the guys to see the seals up close and in their home environment and probably equally as fascinating for the inquisitive seals to see the school group staring back at them!

So a very active and informative day at the beach was had by all involved with lots of happy faces at the end of the day....

Carlsberg don't do school trips.... for obvious reasons.

Good job we're more than happy to do them then isn't it!

If you wish to indulge yourself in an afternoon of beach fun, pick your activity HERE

End of Term Beach Activities