Just as we thought the glorious summer we've enjoyed was all over and the cold weather had set in for the next six months, it's once again surprised us all and we've been graced with another mini heatwave! It officially reached 22 degrees here on the East coast on Sunday which, combined with warm offshore wind and the Sea temperature being at it's peak for the year made for ideal conditions to go on our favourite new adventure activity... Coasteering!

The lucky group this weekend was 30 new recruits from Catterick Army Barracks. Having successfully completed their first week of intensive training they were treated to a day on the East coast, and we were more than happy to help by taking them on an safe, adrenaline fuelled and informative exploration of our stunning coastline.

With 30 guys from all over the world, many different walks of life and an age range of 17-31 it really is a fantastic team building exercise to bring them all together in a totally new environment and see them helping each other out over the trickier parts of the route, pushing themselves and stepping out of their comfort zone.

They embraced the opportunity and each and every one of them had a huge smile on their face from the moment they arrived. For the majority of them it was the first time they had put a wetsuit on and they were amazed at just how warm they all were. We did a combination of swimming, climbing, jumping and exploring the network of caves, with a bit of geology and marine biology thrown in along the way.

We ended the day with a well earned barbecue for everybody on the cliff top overlooking the route they had just done, it was great to hear 100% positive feedback and we can't wait for the next group!

For more information or to book your own tailored coasteering experience give us a call on 01723 867919 or 01723 585585