What a great weekend we've had on the coast!

Despite the lack of surf this weekend it takes a lot more than that to keep us out the water! With sunny skies and temperatures exceeding 20c here and very light offshore winds it was perfect conditions for our fantastic 'flat water' alternatives to surfing.

We had another group of new recruits from Catterick Army Barracks descend on us for yet another day of water based fun on Sunday, so we took them to our favourite Coasteering location and started the day off with some SUPing. It was full low tide when we arrived so we jumped on the chance to have a paddle around and explore the caves on our SUPs. When the tide's low it drastically changes our options for coasteering but actually opens up lots of new opportunities for exploration within the little coves and huge caves we have to offer here on the Yorkshire coast.

Later on in the afternoon once the tide had pushed in we took a second group of army lads in for a good old fashioned coasteering session. Still with some exploration of the caves, low level climbing and traversing and some cliff jumps to get the adrenaline flowing, it's safe to say all the boys had a great time and pushed themselves in a way they probably didn't expect for their first week in the British Army. It was great to see the teamwork between them all, helping each other around the various routes we take, especially considering they only met a week ago.

They finished the day with some food on the cliff top sat in the sun with smiles on their faces and lots to talk about.... Job Done!

Feel free to give us a call if you want to arrange some water based activities with your mates or colleagues, we can tailor them exactly to your needs or group requirements... Taking bookings for this summer now!