Scarborough Surf School offers a variety of specialised lessons for both complete beginners and intermediate surfers, so regardless of ability from total novice to improver we are here to help and advise you on your surfing journey, whatever the weather or your ability - year round.

We would always recommend a lesson for beginners, we use a tried and tested method and have great success by using simple but effective instruction. We always go through a safety brief first and then through the basics on the beach, showing you how to get the board out safely, where to lie for paddling and various techniques for getting stood up. We have a great success rate with very few customers not getting fully stood up over the five seasons we have been been based at Cayton Bay. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and patience two qualities all instructors should possess.

For the intermediate surfer looking for guidance to get to the next level and push all aspects of their surfing our improver's lessons can help guide you through the dos and don'ts. With critical unbiased feed back on tap and the ability to practice with an instructor present in the water (mostly on a one to one basis) you will be surprised how quickly you can improve your technique. With so many variables involved it can sometimes be very difficult to pin point where your going wrong, but with our improver's lessons we are able to offer sound advice, correct any mistakes and keep that learning curve vertical. We start before even suiting up with a pre-surf check, deciding on a safe area to surf with suitable waves and discuss how we will stay in that area using landmarks, during this time we would talk through areas to avoid and why, look for any rip currents or side shore drift etc... to help you better understand the conditions on the day this way you get a better understanding of what to look for next time your out practising.

So you've decided it's time for a surf lesson, below are the lesson options we have on offer. Feel free to get in touch if you need a lesson to cater for any specific needs.

Please note all lessons are 2.5hrs long and start at either 10:00am or 1:00pm unless stated otherwise for prices see PRICE LIST

One To One Lesson

The perfect fast track way to learn, you and an instructor giving you 100% of their time and attention. "With our one to one lessons we have more time and are able to cover far more in terms of equipment choice, picking suitable surf zone's during the pre-surf check, spotting rip currents and other dangers as well as teaching you tricks to maximise both your wave count and learning curve regardless of ability. Our aim is to quickly access your ability and set goals that allow you to not only progress during but also after your private lesson when you will be out practicing your new found skills." James (Head Coach)
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One To Two Lesson

If you want to learn with a friend or partner this is the perfect balance of fun and quick learning. "These sessions are proving very popular allowing you to share the experience and even inject some friendly rivalry into the lesson - there's nothing like a little competition to increase that determination to get stood up and surfing first!"
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Group Lesson

Our group lessons are by far our most popular costing just £30 per person (amazing value for money considering hire of the gear alone is £23). Our group lessons cover exactly the same as the one to one and there can be anywhere from 4-10 people present. Most groups consist of around 4-5 and it's a great fun way to meet new often like minded people, and make friends whilst learning to surf. Obviously you are welcome to book a group of friends in too.
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Private Lesson

If you require a private group lesson for 3 or more people please get in touch by calling 01723 585585 or on email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Surf Lessons For Schools

We have taught hundreds of classes over the last 7 years with school parties returning year after year. We have everything on site to make your activity both safe and hassle free. Separate changing area and toilets, free hot showers, onsite parking suitable for coaches, onsite surf shop serving hot and cold drinks and snacks with seating area nearby.

We often cater for groups of up to 40 by splitting the groups and providing more instructors. Please get in touch if you have any special requirements.

Group Plus Hire

This is another very popular option involving our normal group lesson from 10:00 - 12:30 then you have free use of the equipment for the rest of the day (till 5:00pm). This allows you to learn the basics or improve technique during the morning session and practice throughout the rest of the day at your leisure. A perfect combination for £45 per person.
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After School Kids Club

Our kids club is an after school session run over the course of 10 weeks one evening a week. They have proved so popular that we will undoubtedly run numerous classes through the Summer and early Autumn season. These lessons go ahead whatever the weather and we visit other beaches in the area to teach the kids about all the different conditions and dangers of each respective beach. If there's no surf we go through, beach safety, fitness and balance with paddle boards ensuring the kids have fun in a safe environment whilst learning an exciting new sport. All the kit is provided and lessons are usually from 5:00pm - 7:30pm. Please keep an eye out for further details and check our Secretspot facebook page as well as the Scarborough Surf School page for the latest updates.

Full course dates will be added here when they have been worked out.

Kids Club 5 Day Course

Throughout the Summer Holidays we offer a great introduction to surfing with our 5 day kids courses, they are well priced and guaranteed to wear the youngsters out whilst teaching them to surf safely. With the condensed lessons learning is very quick and with the right conditions we usually see amazing progress. Over the last few years we have mainly run morning sessions from 9:30 - 12:30 although if the demand is there we may include an afternoon session for a second group. Again please check back for updates on any new course dates available.

Stag / Hen Parties / Co-orporate Groups

We specialise in teaching large groups to surf safely and can cater for your stag or hen do needs, we've had hundreds of stag and hen parties learn to surf with us over the years and can fully recommend surfing as a perfect activity for you and your friends, it will even clear a hangover!

If you are needing to organise a co-operate day out we can tailor the perfect set of activities to get you and your team both excited and motivated and we can do this whatever the weather.

Please call or email your requirements and we will be happy to help organise your day.

Please note - If there's no surf on the day we have alternative activities we can organise for you so they'll always be something to do. You can choose between either Paddle boarding or Coasteering and pre-book your secondary activity in advance...
Subject to group size, conditions on the day and available instructors.