Cayton Bay: the beautiful horse shoe-shaped bay 5 miles south of Scarborough is home to sand, seals and lot of surfing. Let's give you a run down of the breaks at Cayton AKA home:



Bunkers -

Starting at the south side of Cayton Bay we come to Bunkers. So named for the world war 2 concrete lookout posts that fringe the break . Something of a classic when it's on is Caytons most surfed and infamous break. It only works well two hours either side of high tide when there is enough water covering the outer reef and this lets the swell through focusing it directly onto a large horseshoe shaped sand bar. It has both lefts and rights and when on fire can dish out some of the best beach break barrels on the east coast. Size wise it start working from about 1.5 feet upwards and its optimum size is in the 3-5 feet range. It can work much bigger on classic swells but bigger swells on normal days often see close outs and punishing paddle outs, although it's all worth the effort if you get locked into a Bunkers top to bottom barrel. Always at its best the two hours running up to high water .

Best wind - SW
Best tide   - High Tide
Best swell direction - NW - NE



Pump house -

Just over to the left side of Cayton Bay is Pump House so named after the old water pumping station that fronts the break . Works at all stages of tides but is without question much better on lower tides. On classic days Pump House can resemble a French beach break dishing out barrels and beatings in equal abundance. Normal days sees a mixture of fast racey peaks with the odd close out . The left is usually better than the right as the righthander can deliver you right in the middle of Pump House rocks which is not too pleasurable. The good thing about Pump House is on good low tide days when the North Bay is packed it can be much quieter alternative indeed. The waves are peaks and never seem to break in the same place twice which spreads the lineup over a wide area thus crowding is never a problem. On rare SE swells it can be pure joy if the winds are offshore and the rights can sometimes swing right around the rocks in almost a reef break fashion.



Cayton Reef -

Way out beyond Bunkers lies Cayton reef. It's way further than it looks from the beach and generally way bigger too. When Bunkers starts maxing out the reef comes into its own . What often looks perfect from the shore can turn into a test of endurance and nerve. Huge looming peaks with equally big walls and barrels detonate far out to sea. Getting caught inside is absolutely guaranteed and thus it's one of the most difficult spots to line up at . Waves can be seen coming miles away when your sat out there and when one lands on your head you'll remember that day for a long time as there is nowhere to put your feet down and the beach is a good 15 minute paddle away. When this happens be calm because it happens a lot at the reef. That said with a large solid stacked swell with little or no winds you might get the wave of your year and be checking it for the rest of your life. Our tip here is paddle way way out be extra patient then pick off the biggest bomb of the day . The takeoff is intense the drops big and reef is never too far under the water but all in all its sometimes totally worth it . Be extra aware of your ability your along way from help . Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.

Best wind - calm no wind
Best tide - mid tide pushing ( suicide at low water avoid at all costs )
Best swell direction - N, NE , E


So that's the line up. Remember: surfing at Cayton is a joy for all, let's keep the respect up: don't drop in on people, don't paddle round people and make sure you clean up any mess you make on the beach. It's a team effort folks! See you in the water....



Undeterred with the onset of winter we are still seeing the rare flat days still busy with Coasteering groups booking in, with the perfect location only a short drive from our HQ at Cayton Bay flat conditions are no longer a problem for our Surf school come Activity centre!

Last weekend saw adrenalin junkies Colin Jacobs and friends score the perfect tides for both exploring the cave systems and getting the maximum altitude jumps on offer. No strangers to outward bounds activities and previous Surf school customers the lads picked the perfect day for another one of their "Silly Sundays" and were certainly not disappointed with the session, they even brought along a waterproof camera to record the mornings events...


With on the fly instruction we don't bombard you with info at the start, we aim to keep the fun and learning both safe and informative with mini briefings before each section detailing what to expect and how to overcome obstacles with different routes to get from A to B with levels to suit all abilities. We can also tailor routes to suit individual groups with sessions suitable for families and Stag / Hen do's alike. This can even be done throughout a session as we get a feel for the groups dynamics and what they are enjoying most.

There's always options along our routes, you can swim, walk, climb or jump (with a variety of techniques) to get around any section ensuring you are never forced to jump from a position you are not happy with. All of our jumps are staggered too allowing customers to prefect their technique and get additional advice should they need it before advancing to the bigger and still optional jumps!

Colins group were straight in at the deep end and took to the water and jumps with ease perfecting both the Super Man dive (a sea level based jump used to safely enter shallow water), the Scissor Jump (a low level jump designed again to minimise the depth of travel with both arms and legs spread wide) and finally the Pencil Jump from varying and increasing heights with the feet together and arms tight across the chest to avoid and injuries.  

Although we tend to see more consistent surf through the winter months Coasteering is still a viable option for those flat days where the surf decides not to show.

if you would like any more info or would like to pre-book a session for either this winter or next season please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help, advise and get you booked in!

Contact us - 01723 585585 or for email.

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Our coasteering sessions are quick becoming our number one outdoor water activity, sitting perfectly alongside our Premier Surf School and providing the ideal flat water activity if and when the surf disappears. With just the right blend of excitement and intrigue customers of all ages and abilities are left truly amazed and exhilarated by the experience.

We can tailor sessions to cater for families or school groups and also specialise in larger Hen and Stag do parties with routes to suit all abilities from pure exploration fun to all out adrenaline fuelled excitement. More recently we have been working with bigger Corporate groups providing the perfect Team Building Activity to help colleges bond outside of work.

And it was this type of session we had planned for a large corporate group from Arc Inspiration from Leeds who were booked in last week. With perfect flat water and crystal clear conditions on the day and favourable tides we we're able to really show case our perfect Coasteering location in all it's glory.

After splitting the  group into three sessions to run throughout the day we begun with a safety brief and kit check before a gentle warm up swim followed by some basic low level jumps where we teach the correct water exit and entry methods for shallow water in a perfect and safe environment.


After the initial session where customers can get used to the floatation from wetsuits and buoyancy aids we moved across from the small cove by traversing across the low level cliff line and swimming some sections before a basic climb up and through a small cave system to enter the bigger bay beyond... 

One of the major benefits from this type of Team Building Activity is seeing how the group interact and help each other throughout, whether it be in the form of verbal advice (such as pointing out a possible danger) or physical aid over the various obstacles during the session. This always becomes more apparent when the jumps are reached and the groups dynamic changes, encouragement and confidence building talk from the group to help the less adventurous further instil's the team bonding experience and only helps cement friendships and relationships at work.

On this particular occasion the boss and managers were present too and really enjoyed the experience they had chosen for their corporate day out. The whole day was a real success and the group were a really good bunch with a few individuals really improving throughout the sessions and gaining some real confidence in the process. The afternoon was rounded off with a professional catered BBQ provided by ourselves, glorious weather and plenty of fine beers on ice (brought along by Arc Inspiration who after all specialise in modern Pubs and Bars) and all with a stunning view of the main bay...





What a great weekend we've had on the coast!

Despite the lack of surf this weekend it takes a lot more than that to keep us out the water! With sunny skies and temperatures exceeding 20c here and very light offshore winds it was perfect conditions for our fantastic 'flat water' alternatives to surfing.

We had another group of new recruits from Catterick Army Barracks descend on us for yet another day of water based fun on Sunday, so we took them to our favourite Coasteering location and started the day off with some SUPing. It was full low tide when we arrived so we jumped on the chance to have a paddle around and explore the caves on our SUPs. When the tide's low it drastically changes our options for coasteering but actually opens up lots of new opportunities for exploration within the little coves and huge caves we have to offer here on the Yorkshire coast.

Later on in the afternoon once the tide had pushed in we took a second group of army lads in for a good old fashioned coasteering session. Still with some exploration of the caves, low level climbing and traversing and some cliff jumps to get the adrenaline flowing, it's safe to say all the boys had a great time and pushed themselves in a way they probably didn't expect for their first week in the British Army. It was great to see the teamwork between them all, helping each other around the various routes we take, especially considering they only met a week ago.

They finished the day with some food on the cliff top sat in the sun with smiles on their faces and lots to talk about.... Job Done!

Feel free to give us a call if you want to arrange some water based activities with your mates or colleagues, we can tailor them exactly to your needs or group requirements... Taking bookings for this summer now!

Yet again we've had another busy weekend here on the Yorkshire Coast.On saturday we started the day with a coasteering session for a hen party of 12 girls from Leeds, who (despite some hangovers) all did really well and were game for some of the more challenging aspects of our coasteer route. The alternative for them would have been a luxury spa day but they all agreed it was much more fun exploring the coastline and great to try something different.

We also squeezed in another group of 7 mates in the afternoon, who had come up from Nottingham for the weekend... Again a good time was had by all, pushing themselves more than they expected to and doing something which nobody had experienced before. There was a brief 'end of the world' style hailstorm to endure but it actually added to the overall experience and they all still had smiles on their faces afterwards!

Sunday wasn't exactly the day of rest but more the day of exhilarating fun and team-building during another one of our hugely popular coasteering sessions with the British Army. Another 28 new recruits were brought through to us on a coach from Catterick for a team-building jolly on the good old Yorkshire Coast. It's a great way for them to bond and get to know each other better having only been in the Army for two weeks. They all love the change in environment after what sounds like a grueling first fortnight getting used to the intensive training they've taken on.

Despite the frequent outbursts of rain we managed to get the BBQ going afterwards so ended the day with well deserved sausages and burgers which always go down well!

We're now looking forward to next weekend when we have yet another army group. Fingers crossed we might get some half decent surf to keep us all out of mischief in the meantime!

A huge well done and thank-you to all who took part in our activities this weekend... See you again soon!