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Our Coasteering session’s give us the perfect activity if and when the surf is flat providing guaranteed smiles for miles and exhilaration.

We’re still really excited about this growing dynamic sport which is quickly becoming our most popular outdoor activity and offers the ultimate adrenaline rush even when the sea is flat calm. The feedback from customers is incredible and we look forward to showing you what our coastline really has to offer.

The sport of coasteering is a combination of adventure swimming along sea cliffs, exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations created by the sea and traversing the lower level sea cliffs by foot, above deep water and then finally climbing the cliffs to different jumping locations. Cliff jumps can range anywhere from 1 – 10 meters in height so there’s something for everyone with different routes to suit personal ability and different groups.

Due to the nature of the local chalk cliffs and lack of clay and sediment both water quality and visibility are quite incredible at our Coasteering location, with a little Sunshine it could well be the Mediterranean and if you visit early summer you will be treated to an abundance of nesting Puffins, Razor Bills and Guls.

Coasteering entails wearing a specialist full body wetsuit, recreational buoyancy aid, whitewater helmet and suitable footwear. We provide all the required equipment, all you’ll need to bring is swimwear a towel and a sense of adventure!

So regardless of if you’re a family looking for a unique way to explore the coast, work colleges on a team building exercise or a 20 strong Stag / Hen do looking for an adventurous activity we’ve got it covered and you might be surprised to see what our coastline has to offer.

All our Coasteering courses will need to be pre-booked in advance, although you are welcome to contact us and check availability for an upcoming weekend or dates of your choice. We offer Surf Lessons as a secondary activity if there’s too much surf to safely Coasteer, so whatever the weather we can provide exciting activities and an experience to remember.

Session Format – Important!

We meet at the specified time here at the Surf School on Killerby Cliff, Cayton Bay.

You will be issued  with a Wetsuit, Boots, Buoyancy Aid and Helmet. We will also sign waiver forms and settle any payments due, this is a good opportunity to discuss and Medical Issues or Injurys which may affect the session.

We all then travel in your own transport in convoy to Thornwick Bay, here we change into our Wetsuits and begin the Two Hour session in the water, here the activity ends and there is no need for you to return to the Surf School, we will return all the equipment.

Bring with you a bathing costume and a towel, there is a cafe at the location which is open everyday in Summer.

Activity Options


Price: £50pp

Our Coasteering school is a new addition to our already well-established Surf School based at Cayton Bay. It gives us the perfect alternative activity if and when the surf is flat.

We will be offering courses of varying difficulty to suit customers needs. For younger groups or families we have more basic routes, far easier to complete but still good fun and exhilarating. For those wanting a more demanding package, we have routes that will test the nerves a little more with higher jumps and more technically difficult climbs, all safe and all over water but certainly a little more adventurous.

As well as the basic and advanced Coasteering experiences we will be offering an intermediate route which most first timers looking for the perfect mix of adrenaline, excitement and fun will take. This will be our standard course, therefore allowing customers to return and try the more advanced route if they want.

Our Yorkshire Coast Challenge on Flamborough Head is for the ultimate coasteering thrill-seeker.

You’ll get kitted out in a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet in our on-site changing rooms at Cayton Bay, with storage for all your belongings, before we then set off to the stunning Thornwick bay off the tip of Flamborough Head. Here you will negotiate a route recommended by our animated yet highly qualified coasteering leaders.

Once the tide has pushed in prepare yourself for breathtaking leaps from overhanging ledges and to be spun around in swirling whirlpools. Then compose yourself for challenging coasteering traverses and feel the rush of swimming through fast-running gullies. It’s an experience that comes with a wealth of sensations from adrenaline cliff jumps to breathtaking natural beauty. What’s more, our passionate team of guides can teach you all about the marine life and heritage synonymous with the Yorkshire coastline.

Choose the intensity level for your group and find out who’s the most daring! Our experienced instructors will carefully select, and take you on a route that matches your ability and daringness, so as to strike just the right balance between adrenaline and challenge. We’ll never throw you in at the deep end, and there’s always an alternative route, we’ve got your back, and that’s a promise!

You’re in safe hands with Scarborough Surf School!

On our longest running coasteering route the Yorkshire Coast Challenge, an awesome aquatic assault course, you’ll learn a whole host of new skills including wild swimming, how to jump into deep water plunge pools, how to ride sluices (nature’s natural rapids) and how to identify a myriad of marine and bird life.

There really is something for everyone, and no two coasters are ever the same, coasteering on Flamboroughs wild headland changes daily according to the sea state, waves, winds, tide and time of year, which dictates the marine life you’ll encounter. We’re lucky enough to have a resident Seal Colony, and a passing pod of porpoise, so keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself for some welcomed unexpected surprises when coasteering on the Yorkshire Coast.

If you want to take the plunge with us, Please fill out the contact form with your group information or call the School to book.


Price: £50pp

Our newly developed eco coasteer is a unique opportunity to explore and experience Yorkshire’s heritage coastline as never before. The adventure begins after being kitted out in a specialised wetsuit, boots, buoyancy aid and helmet. Following a short walk down into the bay and a briefing by one of our expert instructors you’ll enter the water and your unique tailored experience.

You’ll reach places and see things which are only accessible through coasteering. Your guide will take you on a stunning journey through the flora, fauna and unique geology of the Yorkshire coast. You’ll come face to face with rare and fascinating creatures, from tiny transparent jellyfish to beautiful grey seals.

Our route takes you up and under cliffs which form one of only a few puffin nesting sites in the world. The limestone landscape has been sculpted by both glacial and coastal erosion to form some of the UK’s largest, most spectacular caves and cliffs – a perfect nesting ground for many species of seabird.

Eco Coasteering still includes the thrill of swimming, climbing and jumping, but with a greater focus on the stunning geography and ecosystems in the area. This makes it ideal for family groups, younger adventurers and educational visits – with many links to the national curriculum.

Our instructors can also capture the highlights of your experience with photos and videos to treasure – and prove how adventurous you are.

Eco Coasteering activities include:

  • Clambering over rocks and through caves
  • Discovering nature in its unspoiled habitat
  • Wading through channels and rock pools
  • Scaling and traversing rock faces
  • Jumping into deep water

Possible sea life to encounter:

  • Various crab species
  • Sea anemones
  • Natural sponge
  • Grey Seals
  • Rare and interesting seabirds (including puffins in early-mid summer)
  • Iridescent sea-slugs
  • Jellyfish
  • Many colourful kinds of lichen

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

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