A beginners guide to Scarborough surf spots

A Beginners guide to surfing in Scarborough.

So, you’ve had a couple of lessons and are ready to hit the surf!

We’ve put together this short guide of where to surf in different conditions in and around Scarborough to help you along the way!

Firstly, you will need to have a basic understanding of tides and its very valuable to learn how to read basic surf forecasting sites but for this guide we’re keeping it simple.

Cayton bay

Cayton bay is the most renowned beach for surfing in Scarborough as its one of the most exposed beaches for swell and has a wide range of waves for all levels.

When the sea is calm it’s also a prime spot for Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) due to its stunning natural beauty and variety of things to explore!

Cayton bay works in waves sized 0.5ft-8ft, we recommend beginners-intermediate relocate to South Bay or Filey when the waves are 6ft+ (See details below)

Cayton bay works through all stages of tide and is the best beach to surf at high tide.

We recommend surfing ‘Pumphouse’ at low to mid tide. Pumphouse is great for beginners and advanced surfers and is renowned as a fast-breaking left hander.

Cayton Bay generally works best in South Westerly and Westerly offshore winds, but Pumphouse does offer some shelter in North westerly winds.

Beginner-intermediate surfers are advised to stay within the black and white flags whilst lifeguards are present or within the green zone marked out in our featured venue analysis.

The green zone in the featured venue analysis is the safest part of the beach (keeping a safe distance from the rocks and clear of the rips that run either side of the break) and is directly opposite the Lifeguard station.   On small tides it works throughout all stages of tide but on big spring tides we recommend avoiding full low tide and full high tide for the best conditions.

‘We recommend surfing ‘Bunkers’ at High tide (usually works roughly 2 hours either side of high tide)

Bunkers is a great intermediate-Advanced wave. There are some rocks in the shore break around the WW2 bunkers so take care and be sure to read the conditions and common RIP placements (See venue analysis)

Our friendly team of surf coaches are always happy to offer any advice you may need. You can find us on the cliff top directly opposite the beach path and grass carpark.

Scarborough surf school provide free daily video surf reports on their social media pages.

You can also book onto beginner to advanced surf lessons at

South Bay, Scarborough

South bay is a very popular beginner-intermediate surf spot as its very accessibleand is a popular choice during strong northerly winds. South bay provides shelter when the surf is too big on more exposed beaches and has a great choice of beginner to advanced waves.

South bay is best surfed at mid-high tide but can still be fun at low tide. On a large spring tide, the sea will hit the seawall so be aware of tide times.

The south end of the beach offers larger more exposed waves and the north end is rather sheltered by the harbour so it offers a great range of waves for beginners.

Although South Bay is sheltered it can still have strong rips so we always recommend surfing between the black and white lifeguard flags and also avoid surfing too close to the harbour mouth.

North bay, Scarborough

North bay is a very popular beach for surfers of all standards. With parking directly opposite the beach it does often get crowded on a weekend and on good surf days. North bay is a fairly exposed beach which generally picks up the same Northerly and North-easterly swells as Cayton bay. Most favourable winds are Southerlies, South westerlies and westerlies but it can still be manageable and  fun in light onshore winds also.

North bay is a low-mid tide spot and can roughly be surfed 2-3 hours either side of low tide. Once the tide is too high it will hit the sea wall so be sure to check the tide times and beginners are advised to surf between the lifeguard flags.

North bay is just a 5 minute drive from North Yorkshires largest surf store who supply everything a surfer or ocean lover could possibly need and also run the annual big wave surf competition ‘King of the point’

Filey beach

Filey is another great sheltered spot for beginners-intermediates. It’s a popular spot for longboarders and also those hoping to escape large surf crowds.

 Filey brig provides lots of shelter in large swells and Filey is also a great option in strong Northerly winds. Generally the surf tends to be biggest in the middle and south end of the beach and more sheltered closer to The brigg and Lifeboat station.

Filey offers free roadside parking directly opposite the beach but can get busy in tourist season.

Filey is a low-mid tide only spot as the tide will hit the high sea walls once it becomes too high.

Filey is also soon to be the home to a brand modern new skate park in 2023.

Seas the Day: 5 Facts About the
Yorkshire Coast

Seas the Day: 5 Facts About the
Yorkshire Coast

Article by Millie Fuller

Think of Yorkshire and you’ll probably conjure up images of the rugged and wild moors, stretching out as far as the eye can see. But did you know that Yorkshire is also home to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK? 

Running along the eastern coast of England, you’ll find fine sandy beaches, imposing craggy cliffs, and some choice surf! Here are a few fascinating facts about the Yorkshire Coast you may not have known. 

1. The Length of the Yorkshire Coast isn’t Always the Same

Length is fixed, right? The measurement of an object doesn’t change… or does it?

The stunning Yorkshire Coast runs from Staithes to Bridlington. Depending on how you measure it, you can get different lengths and they can vary quite a bit! Following the line of the coast, you’ll get a length of around 42-45 miles (68-72km). Taking into account the varying heights of the cliffs as you walk along the coastline, the length comes in at 67 miles (107km). That’s quite a big difference! 

Whatever measurement you choose to accept, there’s no denying that the Yorkshire Coast is a breathtaking part of the world. North Yorkshire & Cleveland, Spurn and Flamborough Headland are defined as Heritage Coasts – prized for their unspoilt coastline, exceptional beauty and heritage. 

Covering more than half of the Yorkshire Coast is the North York Moors National Park, which stretches 26 miles between Boulby and Cloughton – the length of a marathon! Not only is the National Park home to some of the most beautiful English countryside around, but you’ll also find the Boulby Cliffs. Standing at 660 feet (200m) tall, these majestic cliffs are the highest on the east coast. 

2. The Dinosaur Coast

The spine of the Yorkshire Coast is its Jurassic cliffs. These ancient cliffs are between 150-200 million years old, and so it’s little wonder that a trip to any of the local beaches can turn up a wealth of fossils. Hence, the nickname the “Dinosaur Coast”. 

Britain’s oldest dinosaur bone was discovered on Whitby Beach back in 2015 after it literally fell off a cliff! It’s estimated to be 176 million years old and believed to be the bone of a sauropod AKA a brontosaur. Sadly, you won’t find one of those every day! 

Many other archaeological discoveries have been made all around the Yorkshire Coast, including the “oldest house in Britain”. Star Carr near Scarborough was once the site of an ancient lake, and in 2008, a 3.5m structure was discovered in the peat. It’s believed to date to around 8,500 BC and many preserved artefacts have been discovered, including some of the earliest evidence of carpentry. 

3. The Very First Seaside Resort

Scarborough North Bay is the recipient of the Blue Flag award, making it one of the cleanest and safest beaches in the UK. It’s been attracting holidaymakers for over 360 years and is thought to be Britain’s first seaside resort. 

The natural mineral waters of Scarborough were discovered in the early 17th century and were believed to have healing properties. By the Georgian era, doctors were prescribing a “sea cure” to their patients to manage stress and treat respiratory illnesses. This heightened Scarborough’s popularity as a seaside destination. 

Capitalising on Scarborough’s reputation as a spa town, Scarborough’s Grand Hotel was opened in 1867. It had taken over four years to build at a cost of more than £100,000. By today’s standards, that’s around £11.5m! This iconic piece of architecture is still standing today and was built in the shape of a “V” in honour of the monarch of the time, Queen Victoria I. Lots of thought went into the grand design of the building. In its original form, it had 365 bedrooms, 52 chimneys, 12 floors and four towers, representing a whole year and all its seasons. It even had extra taps built in, allowing guests to bathe in fresh or salty spa water.  

4. The Unlikely Inspiration Behind “Dracula”

All along the Yorkshire Coast, you’ll find vibrant towns and historic fishing villages, such as Runswick Bay and Robin Hood’s Bay, simply some of the prettiest in Yorkshire. Whitby is not only a quaint seaside town, but it’s also the birthplace of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. 

In 1890, Bram Stoker arrived in Whitby upon the recommendation of actor Henry Irving. It was during this trip that Stoker is likely to have heard tales of the terrifying Barghest black dog. It was said that if you set eyes on this demonic dog, you would be the next person to die. This local legend and Whitby itself are woven into the famous vampire novel, which has gone on to inspire many movies.

5. The Birthplace of an English Explorer

Famous for mapping the east coast of Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand, Captain James Cook has gone into the history books as one of the most recognised English navigators and explorers of all time. But did you know he was a Yorkshireman through and through? 

Born in Marton, he later moved to Great Ayton with his family. However, it was from Whitby that he set off on his maritime journey by finding a job on the coal ships. This set him down the path of becoming a Royal Navy officer, eventually making three infamous Pacific voyages. During the first of these voyages, Captain Cook set sail on the HMS Endeavour with his crew, some scientists, and various livestock… including a goat who had already travelled the world once! By the end of her epic journey with Captain Cook, the goat was retired and lived out the rest of her days in London. 

Come and Find Your Inspiration

Awe-inspiring landscapes, local legends and good old English seasides shape this breathtaking seascape in the UK’s largest county. Why not “seas the day” and discover for yourself the magic that has kept people visiting for hundreds of years? 

Beginner/Intermediate Surfboard Guide 2020

Following on from our Grom’s winter wetsuit guide here’s a very handy guide to buying your first surfboard. Written by our head surf coach Tori.

 We’ve had lots of confused family members on the hunt for the perfect beginner/intermediate surfboard to gift their beloved surf addicts recently.

Well fear not! We’ve got your back! Secret spot have been uniting surfers with their perfect surfboard for over 30 years.

We’ve cut out the jargon and created a simple guide to buying a beginner/intermediate board.

It’s a mine field out there! Many shops are more concerned with making a sale than ensuring the products right for you and the last thing you want is to end up with a board that’s unsuitable for your ability.

 We regularly see beginners dashing down to the beach with a tiny tooth pick surfboard in transit and soon enough wandering back with their heads hanging low following a wave free paddle of shame back to shore.

So, here’s some honest advice to get you started.

Choose a board that is suitable for you now and not necessarily for the future surfer you want to become. Sure! The guys and girls surfing shortboards may look cool on the beach but in reality, the coolest surfers are the ones catching all the waves with a big smile on their face!

When choosing a board the key is to find the perfect balance of float (volume) and manoeuvrability to match your body type, ability and paddle fitness level.

The most sensible thing to do would be to pop in store and we can advise you on the correct size board for your height and ability otherwise here’s a few simple pointers you need to understand whilst looking at the design of a surfboard.

Firstly, check the volume of the board.

The volume of a surfboard is measured in litres. The higher the volume the more float the board has for example a 7ft’6 softech board is 72 Litres whereas a high performance shortboard may only have 29 Litres of volume. We would recommend at least 50 Litres of volume for an intermediate/beginner surfer.

The dimensions: These are very important!

The dimensions of a board are the measurements of its length, width and thickness.

A beginner board needs to be stable and catch waves easily. So, you should choose a board that is fairly long, wide and thick this will give the board lots of float.

Length: A big board is more forgiving and easier to stand up and catch waves on but can be more challenging to handle and manoeuvre for a junior or small adult. We recommend something in the range of 6’6-7ft for a lightweight user and 7’6-9ft for taller or heavier riders.

Width: When starting out a nice wide board will give you a stable platform to pop up on. We recommend choosing a board around 20’’-23 inch wide.

Thickness: Foam is your friend! The thicker the board the floatier it is.

Soft board or hardboard?


We recommend a sot board for beginners they’re easier to catch waves on, stable, forgiving and less likely to cause injury or get damaged throughout the journey to mastering this sport. The development of softboards has come a long way. The shapes have been refined and fin set up’s now available on a modern softboard have made them a must have for both beginner and advanced surfers of today.


There’s a massive range of hardboards available on the market. The pro’s of a hardboard is they feel much more organic and flowing to surf the con’s are they can be a bit trickier to learn on, they can get damaged more easily and hurt more if you collide with one. So we recommend a minimal or longboard hardboard for an intermediate surfer who has already mastered good board handling and control in the water and has some kind of paddle fitness intact.

Here’s are our top pick of beginner-intermediate boards to suit all budgets

Catch Surf // Odysea 7ft 0in Log Electric Lemon £349.95

We love the new Catch surf range! It’s no surprise they are our best-selling boards and totally on trend. These boards are wave catching machines with tons of float and have a refined shape making them very manoeuvrable and super fun to surf in anything from 1-5ft for both beginners and skilled surfers. We have a massive size range of theses boards in some awesome colours too. It’s no longer a taboo that softboards are uncool many local ripper’s have invested in one of these diverse boards that are especially good for snaffling all the waves in small summer swells. Each board features:

Stiff Dual Composite Core.
Triple Wood Stingers!
Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail.
Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design.

Every board comes with 12 months warranty and you certainly get what you pay for these boards are tough and durable!

Softech //Handshaped £299

Sofftech have nailed it with their range of soft boards! These boards are extra tough have heaps of volume and a generous outline making them easy to paddle into waves and are a very stable platform to pop to your feet easily. We just ordered these boards as our new 2020 surf school boards and they do not disappoint! We have as much fun on them as our students and the excellent placement of their carry handle is a god send on those windy days and perfect for junior surfers who may usually struggle to carry a board. Still not convinced? Try them out for yourself! These boards are available to demo at our Cayton bay store.

Surfworx // 7ft 6 Hellcat // Blue Swirl

Theses minimal soft top boards are the ideal starter board. If you don’t want to break the bank and are keen to purchase, your first board look no further!

All the key features are in place; nice wide and forgiving outline, soft padded deck to soften those inevitable knocks, and a set of rubber safety fins to prevent injury to the rider and other surfers and swimmers. The Hellcat Mini Mal is constructed with a soft and forgiving foam deck and comes with a leash. So, your set up and ready to go from day one.

Torq // 7ft 6 Mod Fun // Seagreen/Red


Fantastic allrounder board for all levels of surfers in virtually all conditions!

 If you’re on the hunt for your first hardboard, we can make this decision quick and easy! Torq surfboards are top of the market. These epoxy boards should last you a lifetime and are lovely to ride.  We use Torq boards in our surf school hire fleet not only because of how versatile and fun they are but due to how tough they are and let’s face it surf school kit isn’t always treat with TLC, Yet our Torq boards keep going on strong through many many seasons of misuse.

Featuring a medium full nose and shallow mid-entry there is enough volume for smaller days and weaker surf. As the surf jumps up, step back and the board transforms. You’ll find a board that feels shorter than it’s length, delivering predictable handling and performance.  Tri-fin set-up.

Fancy Giving these boards a try before you buy? Pop in to our Cayton bay store for a demo.

ABC surfboards //  Gambler + Fins // Black Grey


Bargain alert! The ABC Gambler has the full works! Board/bag/leash/fins for a very pretty price. Not only are they beautifully finished and very kind on the eye but they surf great too!

 These beautifully made boards will appeal to a wide range of surfers; beginners and improving surfers will benefit from the forgiving shape, while the more experienced surfers on a budget will be attracted by a PU/Fibreglass surfboard with an accessible price tag.

The ABC Gambler will perform in waves from knee-high to a little overhead, coming into its own in the thigh to head-high region. This is a great board for crowded and congested line-ups where it can be difficult to snaffle a wave, it paddles beautifully, catches waves early and once up and riding, trims like a longboard and turns like a much smaller board thanks to the three fin setup.

ABC surfboards are constructed using high-quality foam blanks with a wooden stringer and are glassed with 6oz/4oz Vivaro cloth.

Kids (grommits) club- What we got up to this summer plus new 2020 dates!

Kids (Grommit’s) Club

Definition: A Grommit (Grom or Gremme)Is a young participant in extreme sports. A surfer under the age of 16.

Our kids club courses in 2019 were so much fun and have proved to be so popular that we’ve decided to run extra sessions next year!. Not only do we now run our usual kids club holiday courses but have now opened a new ‘Super Grom’s’ course for those wanting to progress that already have some experience hitting the waves. Here’s a quick peek at what we got up to this year and our plans for 2020!

The summer holidays were kind to us! We had a fantastic season of sun and surf! The perfect combination for fun!

Smiles for miles!


We met a lot of lovely smiling faces this year! Not just kids stoked about surfing but family members too! Over the space of just a few days our juniors made new friendships and quite possible lifelong surf buddies of the future. We like our events to be social everyone’s welcome to participate adult family members are invited to join us coasteering and we finish all our courses off with a BBQ and prize giving.

There were waves for all this year! We love what we do and catching waves and having fun is what we do best. There’s nothing like seeing our Grom’s and surfers of tomorrow ride their first waves right in too the beach. Here’s a few shots of the Grom’s doing just what they came here for..

Our summer courses are not just about surfing! We run multi-activities for your thrill-seeking little nippers! That are not only exciting but educational too!

We are blessed to have such a beautiful coastline with so much to offer! When the sea is calm, we explore all the hidden gems of our coastline either coasteering or stand up paddle boarding.

Coasteering is awesome experience! We climb, swim, do jumps and explore the wonders of Yorkshires biggest sea cave which is thriving with wonderful sea life and renowned for its nesting Puffins. This is a fantastic group activity and often the highlight of our course. The stunning white cliffs of Thornwick bay make it a magical place to explore and the sessions are fun, challenging and educational for all. We are the only activity centre on the Yorkshire coast that are AALA accredited with fully qualified and experienced staff able to run this exciting experience and we love every session. We can’t wait to do it all again next season!

When we’re not surfing or exploring caves, we grab some paddles and hit the water on our stand up paddle boards. It’s another much loved activity we offer and a unique way to explore. When the conditions are right, we are lucky enough to visit our local seal colony via our SUPs which is a truly unforgettable experience and a fun work out for all. We use our ‘Red paddle’ SUP’s and our super SUP to visit these incredible mammals in their own habit. When we are quiet and respectful, they often pop right over to say hello!

Our 18ft Super SUP is a great team building exercise. We get all the kids stood up and paddling together and we have great fun playing games such as ‘last man standing’ It’s always a giggle and often hard to get the kids out of the water by the end of the session.

We believe it’s important to love and respect the sea and our beautiful beaches and we take pride in passing down our knowledge and experience on to the next generation of ocean lovers.

That’s why we think it’s important to not only make our courses fun but educational and inspiring for our youngsters.

 We believe the sea should be both enjoyed and respected by all the community and it is our duty to care to protect it. Beach cleans and conservation are tied in with our activities and next year we are looking forward to working with our local Marine conservation society who will deliver educational talks about our local wildlife and how to rescue any sea mammals that may be sick or entangled.

All our courses cover these core features:

  • Swim, surf and beach safety.
  • Surf skills.
  • Coastal environments and their changing conditions, Inc the effects of wind, tides, swell and rips.
  • Beach cleans
  • Marine life.
  • Surf progression and fitness
  • Etiquette
  • Wave theory
  • Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. (weather permitting)
  • Team challenges on our Super SUP
  • Coasteering (Weather permitting)

We are always looking to improve and stay open minded and have a few extra exciting ideas up our sleeves for 2020, So watch this space!

Junior Surf Scheme

All our juniors are invited to take part in the Surfing England’s Junior surf scheme.

We find this scheme is a fantastic incentive for juniors to help them progress through levels 1-5 and achieving personal goals and being awarded with certificates for each level as well as receive great technical surfing instruction from us along the way.

This year we were thrilled to see many of our juniors had caught the ‘surfing bug’ and were all progressing very quickly. We decided to extend our usual kids club season and run a 6 weeks junior surf progression course. Solely focusing on surf technique and offering more in-depth tuition about everything surf related.

 It was a great success and we enjoyed the whole course just as much as the kids. All participants passed level 2 & 3 of the Junior surf scheme and displayed some awesome surfing.

 For many the tail end of this course was their first taste of winter surfing.. We surfed every week through all-weathers rain or shine. Everyone was kitted out with boots, hoods and gloves and our hardy grommets really weren’t phased by the cold and continued to love every minute.

 Many of our Grom’s are going to continue surfing with us through the entire winter until we start our season again next spring. This is exactly why we love our job and this year’s bunch were an absolute pleasure to coach.

Following this course we will now be running our ‘Super Grom’ club for those JSS level 2 and above so we can continue to offer progressive coaching to a higher level and help our juniors work through all stages of surfing right through to professional and competitive surfing.

Here’s a few shots from this autumn…

Ford picking his line..
Violet’s steep take off
Amelia Going down the line
Pre competition practice- Scarborough surf festival
The girls taking stretching to the next level!
Robyn-King of the point competitor of the future?..

If you would like to kept up to date on our ‘Super Grom’ club updates please join our Facebook group ‘Secret Spot Super Groms’, keep an eye on our website or call us on 01723 585585.

Our kids club course dates for 2020 are as follows:

Easter taster weekends- (Strictly age 10+)

  • Sat 11th April -Super Grom’s (JSS Level 2+) 9:30am-£35
  • Sunday12th April-Beginner kids club taster days Sunday  9:30-12pm-£35

May Half term

  • 25TH-29th May 9:30-12pm (Age7-16)-£130

After school kids club -5 weeks

  • 3rd June-1st July every Wednesday 5pm-7pm-£130

Summer Kids club Mon-Fri 9:30-12pm-£130

  • 20th-24th July
  • 27th-31st July
  • 3rd-7th Aug
  • 10th-14th Aug
  • 17th-21st Aug
  • 24th-28th Aug

Super Grom’s 6 week progression course 09:30-12pm-£130

  • Sat 12th Sept-1st October

More Super Grom surf club course dates to follow soon..

All children must be able to swim 25meters unaided.

All equipment except swimwear and a towel is provided.

Please call 01723 585585 to book.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line at

Tori’s 2020 Winter Wetsuit Guide

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Womens 2019/2020 Winter Wetsuit Guide

Words by Secret Spot

on 11/11/2019 13:05:13


We caught up with Head surf coach at Scarborough surf School and Secret spot team member Tori,  to hear all about the latest range of women’s winter wetsuits and what will keep you snug through the long winter months – Tori has over 15 years of surfing experience under her belt and has been coaching here in Scarborough for the past 7 years. Come rain or shine you’ll most likely always find her in the water.

“When I first became hooked on surfing here in Scarborough a blue moon ago the surf line up was rather sparsely populated by women. I could count the number of surf girls I might see throughout winter on one hand and the range of wetsuits readily available were even sparser. Fortunately, these days it’s a rather different story! There are more and more ladies popping up in our line up every year. It’s fantastic! and exactly as it should be! The development of women’s wetsuits has come such a long way. We’ve been heard and it’s given us an outstanding range of performance suits right on our doorstep that actually fit!”

There’s absolutely no reason for us to hold back from hitting the cold water all year round and what a good year we’ve had so far! Summer was very kind to us indeed I don’t think I went longer than a few days without a surf and Autumn certainly delivered –  cranking waves more often than not!  Following the year we’ve had here, I’d take our cold water and empty line ups over many warmer locations any day, and thanks to the awesome range of wetsuits that are now readily available, being cold isn’t an issue.

On the back of fitting and washing hundreds of wetsuits for customers, working in the surf industry certainly has its perks and I’ve been fortunate enough to have first pick of the best brands. I’m in the water teaching often all day long so a good quality wetsuit is paramount. Let’s face it we don’t live in the tropics here and its no-good scrimping on equipment in what can occasionally be sub-zero temperatures.”

We only stock the best womens winter wetsuits and when it comes to finding the right equipment for you, we know the industry inside out. All our stock is handpicked by us and this year Tori has been testing all our women’s winter wetsuits out – and has picked out her top 3 favourite women’s wetsuits for 2019/2020.   I’ve based my top 3 winter wetsuits on Performance, Fit, Warmth, Flexibility and Durability and Value for money:

1.    ONeill Womens Psycho Tech 6/4mm Hooded Wetsuit – £349.95

5368_fy9 (1)

Those of you who know me are probably sick of me wittering about how much of a fan of O’Neill’s range this year. They’re my go to brand and certainly worth shouting about! So much so that I’ve bought myself a suit in every thickness for each season!

So, what’s all the fuss about? Firstly, the flexibility of ONeill’s new Techno butter neoprene is second to none. This buttery soft premium neoprene stretches like crazy! Its super lightweight with quick-dry properties and is by far the most comfortable suit on the market. It’s been a game changer for me!

The combination of the Techno butter 3 neoprene around your arms shoulders and calves with the TB-Air firewall insulating neoprene, which retains your body heat around your chest, back and thighs  and keeps you warmer for longer creates the perfect balance and is the secret to this suit’s  success!  There’s absolutely no reason to compromise warmth over flexibility. This suit has it all!
We love this year’s feminine cut and tasteful splash of colour to brighten up those winter days!

Plus, there’s the added bonus of the watertight blind stitched, triple glued and 8mm silicon fluid weld seams perfectly holding it all together and the patented F.U.Z.E chest zip entry to top it off. Making this an all-round high-performance suit that’s reasonably priced and ultimately my first choice.

Click Here to buy the O’Neill Womens Psycho Tech 6/4mm >>

2.    Xcel 6/5mm Infinity X2 hooded


Xcel have been my most trusty brand for high end good quality suits throughout all my years of surfing and its pretty tough to top them especially for warmth and durability! This suit is our top seller amongst our hardy local community of cold water surf girls and it’s no coincidence!

The Upper body of the suit is built with Channel flex – Xcel’s newest material tech as well featuring ‘Radiant Rebound’ which uses a metal lining under the textile, that prevents cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer. In addition, the Radiant Rebound reflects your body heat back inside the suit – keeping you in a constant state of warmth. This is a seriously high end piece of kit that’s just the thing for braving even the harshest of conditions.   Love Xcel’s attention to detail in these suits!

From the engineered fit system that truly makes them fit like a second skin to the finer details such as the glide skin fitted hood, Nexskin wrist and ankle seals stopping any flushing and creating extra comfort, too the back knee flex grooves-preventing bunching or discomfort and the magnetic semi-dry zipper! It’s a in all in the detail and Xcel have nailed it!

Click here to buy the Xcel Womens Infinity 6/5mm X2 Hooded Wetsuit >> 

3.    C-Skins Wired 6/5/4mm – £359.95


What a blinder! C-Skins have blown us away this year! Their brand-new design has rewritten all expectations from a winter suit. I found this suit was an excellent fit. C-Skins’s clever design has eliminated any excess seams therefore providing ultra-comfort, flexibility and almost resistance free paddle zones.

Built with their exclusive Diamond flex neoprene and Dark Matter liquid skin throughout the chest, this suit is not only extra toasty and durable but also super flexible! Another example of fine technology and excellent design that was previously unseen for women in the line-up.

It’s true to its thickness and I’m certainly a fan of C-Skins choice to go with a 6/5/4mm design.

I’m known to be reluctant to have to wrap up in 6mm of neoprene In fear of feeling weighed down in the past but C-Skins have hit the nail on the head with this suit, diminishing all my fears and ultimately finding the ideal balance of both warmth and flexibility. Compromise is certainly a thing of the past and it doesn’t cost the earth!   A massive thumbs up from me!

Click here to buy the C-skins Wired 6/5/4mm >>

We all come in different shapes and sizes and all have different needs.. Whether you’re hitting the white water for the first time or shredding the local point. Whether you short, tall, curvy or slight. We have it covered. A good fitting suit is key to let it do its job correctly.

I would always recommend popping in store to try before you buy. We can give on the spot honest advice on the best brands and size for your body shape. If you can’t get to a store simply give us a call, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Gone are the days of poor fitting women’s suits! I myself am – lets say ‘vertically challenged’ – so in the past finding a suit the right length was tricky! Sound familiar? Well an O’Neill women’s wetsuit might be just what your looking for – their suits are available in short and tall lengths.

If that’s not the brand for you then just bare in mind that with most women’s suits the length of the suit increases as the dress size goes up ie, a size 6 tends to be a fair bit shorter in the arm/legs than a size 12 so its usually worth trying a couple of different sizes on. 

Words by Tori Gower – Head Surf Coach and Store manager at

Kids (Grommits) Surf Clubs 2019


A Grommit (Grom or Gremme)

Is a young participant in extreme sports. A surfer under the age of 16.

Throughout spring and summer, we offer a choice of two fun packed courses to kickstart the season. Both courses have the same content and aims. All you have to do it pick a date and you can leave the rest to us.

The courses are both intensive and fun. We pride ourselves with the fact that your little nippers will not only have a blast but will also make great progression in their newly acquired surf skills with amazing results over the course of just a few days.

Being a surf club, our priority is catching waves but if the sea is calm, we have our Stand up paddle boards (SUP) and our 8 man super SUP, both are great team work activities and help improve fitness and balance ready for when the waves return.

If the conditions are in our favour, we round off the week with a coasteering session and BBQ. The perfect way to finish off a great week with their new surf buddies!   

Customer review:

‘’Thanks so much for taking such fabulous care of Henry this week at surf club.

He has had the most amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute.

Thanks Sam and Tori for inspiring a very little boy and for sharing your passion for surfing!

I’m sure you’ve instilled a new passion in our own little surf dude!

Thanks again Helen’’

So. Lets see what all the fuss is about!..

Our friendly and enthusiastic surf coaches are awesome! Period! All our coaches are ISA level 1 coaches and qualified beach lifeguards and are all DBS checked. We take great pride in ensuring your future surf stars not only have an excellent time but get the very best out of their 5 days with us. In addition to learning to surf our Grommets will become confident watermen and learn how to keep safe and be vigilant of the rapidly changing conditions and recognise potential dangers in coastal environments.

What we will teach:

Kids will learn how to be safe and confident in the water. We will give them an understanding and appreciation of the ocean. By regularly practising safe habits in and out of the water.

We will cover:

  • Rips and Tides
  • Etiquette
  • Weather systems, Swell and wind
  • Pollution and keeping our beaches clean
  • Coastal environment and local wildlife
  • Wave theory and recognising surf conditions
  • Confidence building
  • Fitness

Its incredibly rewarding to see our Groms’ blossom and gain more and more confidence over just a few days. Not only in the water but socially and through teamwork. Surfing can do wonders for self-esteem and give a sense of achievement and our Groms’ regularly leave with new friends for life after an intense and fun week alongside their peers.

Not only is surfing exhilarating and fun but also excellent exercise. It’s a high energy sport guaranteed to tire out even the those with boundless energy. Over the week they will build on strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Surfing and SUP’ing also teaches perseverance, determination and a can-do attitude. Surfing can be challenging but it all pays off when you catch that perfect wave! and celebrate alongside your friends.

We guarantee giggles all-round!

Having fun is paramount! We incorporate games and a have a playful approach to all our activities.

If the conditions allow, we love to have a paddle out on the SUPS to explore the outer reef to discover some of the wildlife and experience the nature of the environment. We are occasionally blessed enough to be greeted by some of the curious local seals. This is always an incredible and memorable experience and we hope to inspire and wow all our kids by unveiling all the wonderful benefits of being an ocean lover.


Our final session of coasteering and BBQ ends the course with a bang. Coasteering suits all abilities and gives the kids a real opportunity to challenge themselves with some climbing, swimming and jumps as well as giving the ultimate experience of exploring the jewels of our coast and discovering nature at its best.  Then we finish an action-packed week off, with a friendly BBQ to reflect and laugh about the events of the week.  It’s always enjoyable and heart-warming, not only for the kids but their family and our staff too. Kids club is quite frequently the highlight of our summer and we look forward to meeting fresh faces and new potential surfer dudes every year. 

If you would like to book on to Kids club. Please call Scarborough Surf School on 01723 585585. To secure a place.

 All we request is that all children can swim 25 meters.

All equipment except swimwear and towels is provided for the week.

We look forward to meeting the next little rippers of 2019 soon!

Why not Give an experience for Christmas?

I do not wish to worry you……..BUT this time in Four weeks we will be raiding the fridge for the last of the Christmas Cheese and fighting over the coffee flavoured choccies!

Will those slippers or shirt you panic bought from Next be sat in the back of the wardrobe for the next Six months?

Or will the special person in your life be looking forward to booking themselves, or the family, onto one of our exciting activities next Spring?

Our range of vouchers make superb gifts for anyone from thrill seeking kids and adults to groups of friends and family looking to come together for a fun activity on the stunning Yorkshire Coast.

You can buy vouchers for any of our activities which are valid for the next Twelve Months so you can plan ahead for Summer 2019, and do not worry if the weather conditions are not suitable for your chosen activity as we can offer you an alternative option or simply re-schedule.

It is easy to buy a voucher, simply choose from one of our activities –

Coasteering – Great for groups of up to 23 family and friends, birthdays, Hen and Stag parties and cooperate team building. All ages are catered for but you do need to be able to swim 50m, see our Coasteering page for full details.

Surfing – We have many options for budding Surfers, from complete to beginner to advanced private sessions, beginner groups and even Kids Surf clubs. If you know someone who is starting out then a days Surf hire will come in very handy.. Give us a call and we can advise on the options.

Stand Up Paddle Board – Rapidly becoming very popular due to its accessibility to people of all levels of ability, SUP is a fabulous Summer activity when the water is calm, as always Juniors are always welcome but we do advise an age of 12 Years onwards to get the most from the session. Again equipment hire is available for a great day out on the water.

Kids Surf Clubs – Our kids clubs are a fantastic introduction to all our activities spread over a Five day course, check out our Kids club page for a range of dates and options kicking off next season for May half term.

If you wish to purchase On-line then click the link below to our shopping site –

Otherwise please call the School on 01723 585585 or email us and we can advise you on the best option and post your Voucher out in time for Christmas..

Secret Spot
Buy Vouchers






Carl’s O’Neill Psycho 6/4 Review

Welcome to my next review, I hope you read my thoughts on my last review of the Fire-wire Cymatic if you did not see it then check it out on this Blog.

Right let’s get started, the suit I have been wearing for a year now is the O’Neill 6/4 Hooded Psycho-Tech, I am not going to list all the features apart from the essentials which are stitched, glued and liquid seams through-out, and the use O’Neill’s exclusive Techno-Butter Neoprene in all panels.

I would consider myself a heavy user of wet-suits, I surf pretty much every-time there is a swell add that normal usage to delivering Surfing, Paddle-Boarding and Coasteering sessions it’s safe to say my kit gets a good thrashing! Yes, in Summer I Surf in a 4/3 but at work I mostly use a winter suit as you will never be too warm coaching all day in the North Sea!


As you can imagine I have had heaps of winter suits over the past 20 years surfing the Yorkshire coast so what attracted me to this suit? Well first of all it feels extremely light and Flexible for a 6mm Suit, trying the suit on it feels more like a 5mm suit, there is virtually no restriction around the shoulders and back and zero pressure on the neck when the hood is pulled on.


As always, the fit is the most essential part of choosing a suit, I am a standard size Medium Tall which fits perfectly, O’Neill cover all sizes including Small Tall and Large Small which are sometimes harder to come by.


Let me elaborate on the neck area, I have been suffering neck pain for some time which has been diagnosed as a form of Arthritis in my spine, so any suit which puts any kind of compression on my neck is a big NO, this suit is so Flexible around the shoulders and neck that I cannot feel any pressure, anyone in a similar situation should consider this when choosing a hooded wet-suit.


How was the winter of 2018 for you? I would say it was pretty harsh! I will hit the Surf no matter what the temperatures and I have had no problem with being too cold in this suit, yes if you stay in too long you will get cold but if you are sensible about it, make sure your kit is dry before you go in and just do an active 1.5hrs and get out you will have no problem., I combine the suit with 7mm Psycho-Tech boots which so far have been excellent.


If you want to stay in for long periods in the worst conditions there are warmer suits out there but they have nowhere near the flexibility and comfort of this one, I know what I prefer!

O’Neill provide a 12 Month Warranty if you need it, after a Year of use my suit has no signs of wear at all, just rinse it out and hang it up correctly and you will have no problems.


Finally, is it value for money? Well at £330 I am not even going to answer that, yes, I do get a good deal working in the industry but I would not hesitate in paying this price in fact I am buying a 5/4 version to use in-between seasons!


If you are looking for a performance winter suit which won’t break the bank then this could well be the suit for you….


Gloves, Mitts or Claws?

Winter is well and truly upon us! As the water temperature drops gloves are a must for cold water surfers. We all want to get the most enjoyment out of our surf sessions and stay warmer in the water for longer. There’s nothing worse than a freezing cold case of claw hand and ending a session early resembling something from dawn of the dead. If you find yourself in a near hypothermic condition after each surf its probably about time you treat yourself to some decent kit! Luckily for you, we get our fair share of icy waves here on the east coast and have it covered! We have the best range of brands here at Secret spot to help keep you stoked throughout the cold winter months.


Fits like a glove!


It’s important to pick the right glove or mitt for you and get the correct size. They need to ‘fit like a glove’ so to say. Try a few pairs on in store or at least check the brands size guide – if your’re buying them online from us, we are happy to exhange your gloves, so dont worry if your’re unsure! They want to be fairly tight. Gloves that are too big make paddling more difficult and defeat their purpose of warmth.


When it comes to choosing boots and gloves its not worth scrimping. You get what you pay for and you want a brand that uses good quality neoprene and has good seals, so blindstiched, liquid seals or taped, keeping them water tight. Nobody really likes having the extra weight of gloves so pick a trusted brand that delivers lightweight, flexible and durable gloves and do what they say on the tin!


Which thickness?


We have a selection or 3mm, 4mm and 7mm gloves and mitts to choose from. If it’s a lightweight Autumn/early winter glove to take the chill off, go for the 3mm but if you tend to feel the cold or your looking for something for the depths of winter go straight for the 5mm -7mm range. Quality thermal lining makes a big difference too! Fortunately, with the huge expansion of surf technology in the past decade our chosen brands have cracked it when it comes to warmth.

When it comes to choosing boots and gloves its not worth scrimping. You get what you pay for and you want a brand that uses good quality neoprene and has good seals, so blindstiched, liquid seals or taped, keeping them water tight”



Gloves or mitts? It’s a personal preference!


5 Finger glove With the five finger glove ever finger is individually wrapped in neoprene, with thick neoprene this can feel a bit bulky so the lighter 3mm glove may be a better option in this style. On the upside you have a lot more freedom of movement and grip with these gloves.


Mitts Mitts are renowned for being super toasty. All your fingers are tucked up cosily together. Retaining more of your body heat. I would bring out the mitts on those frosty days every time. Obviously with all your fingers wrapped up together it limits freedom of movement. You can’t pick your nose in mitts! But many say that mitts aid a more powerful paddle stroke which Sounds good to me!


Lobster claw The 3-finger mitt could be the perfect balance between mitts and gloves for you! You could argue ‘what’s the point in having one separate potentially chilly finger?’ but it gives you a wider range of movement and grip. Which can make all the difference for simple tasks like locking the car or putting your leash on.


3mm Alder Enzo Glove – £25.99


We love these gloves! They’re super lightweight and comfortable with cosy fast drying fibre fleece lining. If you want stretch and flexibility you will not be disappointed! They feel like a second skin, yet the double lined palms are both durable and grippy. Our best budget buy at only £25.99!



Buy Alder Enzo Glove >>

3/2mm RipCurl Flashbomb – £39.95


You can’t go wrong with the new improved flashbomb neoprene. Which makes them incredibly warm and comfortable. They are 3mm throughout the whole glove and only 2mm on the cuffs making them feel lightweight. The have excellent seams and really stick to your hands. Another blinder by RipCurl!



Buy the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Glove >>


4mm Alder Spirit fast dry mitt – £26.95


The plasmas one of the most popular and mot talked about mitts here on the east coast! This mitt is our top pick of the year yet again and not without good reason. It’s a great budget buy yet holds up against high end contenders Its fast-drying lining makes that second surf of the day more appealing. They’re extremely popular with our local cold-water rippers and are already flying off the shelves!



Buy the 4mm Alder Spirit fast dry mitt >>

5mm Xcel infinity 3 finger mitt – £47.95


Excel are certainly experts when it comes to warmth! Their mitt features 100% ultrastretch neoprene with a tighter weave for less water absorption and durability. The have premium quick dry lining and are certainly popular amongst our locals! They’re a snug and comfortable fit with long cuffs keeping them in place and are Taitex sealed, glued and blindstiched, keeping them water tight. Xcel are one of the most trusted brands on the market for durability and warmth. They tick all the boxes for us!



Buy the 5mm Xcel infinity 3 finger mitt >>

5mm Oneill Psycho tech mitt – £39.95


We love Oneill’s new technobutter neoprene! Its soft on the skin, windproof and incredibly lightweight. The fluid seam welds are durable and comfortable. These are one of the best fitting mitts we’ve tried to date. With oneill’s firewall lining and extra grip on the palms they get top marks from us!



Buy the 5mm Oneill Psychotech Mitt >>

Patagonia R3® Yulex® gloves – £55


These gloves are designed to keep you comfortable in the winter cold. Made with neoprene free 85% Yulex®?natural rubber/ 15% synthetic rubber the meet the rigorous standards for performance, durability, warmth and sustainability. An all round excellent glove! Patagonia promise any damage due to wear and tear with their wetsuit warranty. We think they’re the bee’s knees and love what Patagonia are doing!



Buy the Patagonia R3 Glove >>

Xcel 7mm drylock mitts – £64.95


Guaranteed to keep your precious paddle hands toasty all winter! Xcel have gone above and beyond with this years drylock range. This is the super hero of mitts! The 7mm mitts now feature Celliant technology, which reverts your body heat back to your hands, keeping you on top form in the water. The drylock wrist seals lock water out. They have an awesome contoured 3D fitting design as well as being wind proof and incredibly durable. A must have for surfers in freezing cold temperatures.



Buy the Xcel 7mm drylock mitts >>


We hope this guide has helped you guys choose which is the right glove for you this season! Remember, you are always welcome to head to either of our stores for a chat and some advice – or give us a call on 01723 585585. We are a surf shop run by surfers and are always happy to share our knowledge with you 🙂


Shop for Gloves

Carls Board Reviews, the Firewire Cymatic

Ok people welcome to my first surf board review, over the coming weeks I am going to give you some handy feedback and hints on some of the boards I have been riding and the suits I have been wearing, working in the industry has many perks with the best one being able to get my paws on the latest trick gear to play around with so I think its only fair to share my thoughts with you guys.

My first review will be of my latest sled from the Firewire stable the Cymatic, this is one of the latest creations from super duo Kelly Slater and Daniel Thomson with my particular board being the 5,9”. I am going to spare you a load of tech talk and instead tell you how the board really feels to surf.

As soon as I saw the unveiling of the Cymatic I knew I had to have one, not many boards have that instant love at first sight impact, maybe it was the footage of Mr Slater dissecting Soup-Bowl or maybe it was down to my year long love affair with the magical board the Evo, that I knew the wide nosed bat tailed love child of the Omni and Sci-fi would be a bit special?

Finally the day came and it was there right in front of me and it seemed only fair that I dress the board up in some new fins and leash, I opted for the FCS Accelerator Quad set up in medium which I had tested out earlier this year at Surf Snowdonia, if your planning on getting loose and fast then these are the fins to have, and because every little helps I went all out and added the new FCS Freedom leash, less drag = more speed!

My first session was a bit stressful, there was a lot riding on this board my hopes were very high, and the bar had already been set by the mighty Evo. I had waited for a half decent day for my first session, so I paddled out at 3-4ft Bunkers here at Cayton Bay, a nice hollow fast wave which if my calculations were correct the Cymatic would fly in.
I am 76kg and on my first paddle out the board at 34.3 litres glided across the water very nicely indeed, duck diving the dumping sandbar was a doddle, so far so good, Initial worries about living up to the Evo in the wave catching department were soon forgotten as I paddle with ease into my first wave, and off we go!

“I feel the need…the need for speed”

(Cruise, Top-Gun 1986)

The full volume nose makes take offs nice and stable and as soon as you are up and driving down the line it becomes apparent that this board is very quick, in fact its as quick as the Evo and that’s rocket powered!

Surely this is the board that Maverick would have rode?

Now all this speed is very good but what happens when you want to change direction? Cue the nicest cutback I have done in years! The narrower double bat tail really grips into the wave and very little energy is lost allowing you to hit the foam get back into the pocket to set up your next manoeuvre. The quad set up compliments the board perfectly giving the it that skatey almost out of control feel, I love how the tail releases while coming off the top allowing you to come back down the wave more vertically.

All these characteristics really do help exaggerate each manoeuvre and in turn allow you to perform more critical turns, you will find you can actually surf better which in turn builds confidence, it’s a win win result.
So we have been together Three months now and we are still very happy together, we recently went to Cornwall and scored some hefty 6ft beach breaks in which the Cymatic was a lot happier than me to paddle into! Ive had her out in 2ft onshore slop which she performed very well in which leads me to believe this is a genuine One board quiver and excellent travel board.

I think you get the idea that I like the board now! If you are looking for a high performance yet user friendly stick then you need to check the Cymatic out, don’t be fooled by its hybrid appearance you will never outperform this board, but you will improve and have bags of fun, oh and you can pretend your Slater or even Maverick too :0)


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