One to Two

One to Two

What better way is there to progress through your surfing journey than with a buddy by your side! Bounce off each others energy, catch lots of waves and witness each others new acclaimed surf skills! Lets face it everyone likes to show off now and again!

With our private lessons you can push your boundaries without being held back by a large group. Not only will you have our surf instructor’s undivided attention, but they will also carefully plan and adapt the surf lessons to your learning style and personal objectives. You’ll be progressing faster than you ever thought possible.

Our lesson begins with some dry-side theory and discussion about your goals followed by 2 hours of expert coaching in the water and debrief.

Our lessons are suitable for all abilities from complete beginners to advanced.  You will be provided with a 5mm full length wetsuit and can take first pick from our excellent range of surfboards.

Here’s what to expect from a beginner lesson:

Private Beginner surf lesson format

  • Beach environment, local information, surf theory
  • Warm up
  • Water safety, Equipment talk
  • Paddling Technique, Board position.
  • Water entry and Catching white-water.
  • Halfway Beach Assessment.
  • Pop-Up technique.
  • Back in the water to practice Pop-Up
  • End of lesson De-brief

Ready for the next level?

Here are a few common intermediate-advanced goals we can guide you through:

  • Moving to shorter boards
  • Paddling outback
  • Trimming left and right
  • Progressing to larger surf
  • Confidence building
  • Wave selection
  • Consistency and Fitness

The 2-hour session is your time to focus on what you want to achieve, surfing can be the most frustrating lifestyle out there so let us help you make the most of your time in the water.


Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

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